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Paradise Realty Property Management

Rental Property Management Services North Carolina
Paradise Realty specializes in managing residential rental properties in the Charlotte area for individual owners. Trust your investment to an experienced, local manager with proven abilities, industry knowledge and management expertise.

What Paradise Realty Does For You

Paradise Realty performs the following services:


  • Prepare the home to be rented (clean the home and optimize interior appeal)
  • Muti-Media marketing of your property
  • Professional “For Rent” Sign
  • Secure Lockbox on the property
  • Listed on Carolina Multiple Listing Services (CMLS)
  • Work with other local Realtors and Leasing Agents to find a tenant

Tenant Move In

  • Perform a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc.
  • Lease Preparation
  • Move-In Walk Thru Inspection


  • Receive rent
  • Follow up on late payments
  • Enforce late fees

Maintenance & Repairs

  • Provide and oversee an in-house maintenance crew
  • Provide an network of licensed, bonded and fully insured contractors to provide maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintain and monitor a 24 hour emergency repair hot-line

Home Warranty Program

Paradise Realty offers a Home Warranty Program that covers all repairs. Whenever repairs are needed, they will be coordinated directly by Paradise Realty, providing a smooth, hassle-free process for the Owner/Landlord. The Home Warranty Program is available for a $60 fee that will be added to the tenants monthly rent, so there is no charge to the Owner/Landlord.

Tenant Move Out

  • Inspect unit and fill out a report on the property’s condition when the client moves out
  • Provide tenant with a copy of estimated damages
  • Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant
  • Forward any portion of the owner’s portion of the tenant deposit to the owner or hold in owner reserves for repairs. (As per Property Management agreement)
  • Clean unit and perform and needed repairs or upgrades Re-key the locks
  • Put the property back on the market for rent

Summary of Ejectment

  • Filing relevant paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action
  • Representing owner in court
  • Coordinating with law enforcement to remove tenant and tenants possessions from unit


  • All money is kept in a Paradise Realty Trust Account.
  • Monthly invoices and repair invoices mailed to you
  • Direct Deposit and Online Payment Options

Office: (704) 777-2121
301 McCullough Dr Suite 400,
Suite G Charlotte, NC 28262