Lease Purchase Program

The biggest advantage to renting-to-own a home is that it will give you time to save money for a down payment and to repair your credit rating.

Under such contracts, a portion of the rent you pay each month is credited against the down payment.

So the rental period of the contract not only gives you time to save money, but actually helps you pay down some of the initial costs of buying the home. However, do note that the contracts will usually not accept the rent payment as a credit if the rent is paid late that month. So make sure you pay your rent on time each month to take advantage of the down payment credit.


Paradise Realty is a Real Estate Company that works with prospective Home buyers, who are very close to qualifying for a mortgage loan, either FHA, or conventional loan, but may need some time to fixed their credit in order to qualify for financing.
Paradise Realty works hand in hand with Mortgage companies; after they pre- qualify a buyer we find the house that will fit the buyers needs.


How can Paradise Realty benefit you with our Lease Purchase Program?
Without a doubt, the Lease Purchase contract is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to buy, sell and invest in real estate.


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